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Summary concerning “Foreign Investment Agency” OJSC 

In 1999 Foreign Investment Agency, an open joint-stock company (FIA), was founded by the order of the Head of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation . About 97% of its shares are held by the Accounting and Finance Centre, State Unitary Enterprise of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the RF. Henceforth the shares of the Accounting and Finance Centre, FSUE were transferred to citizens of the RF. Foundation of FIA was connected with the Government Order 1272 dated 20th November 1999, for effectuation of foreign Investment into the economy of the Russian Federation . In the meantime the Head of the Department of Presidential Affairs forwarded a letter in the name of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation , where he offered to appoint FIA as an authorised structure to execute the order. With this purpose the corresponding order was made.

The main purpose for the creation of the company was attracting investment for realisation of the tasks allotted to the Department of Presidential Affairs of the RF, with the purpose of substitution of budgetary sources of finance and implementation of large programmes in the manufacturing sector of the economy of the Russian Federation .

At the present time the Agency works in the following spheres:
Attracting of investment to items of immovable property being in the possession of “Goszagransovstvennost” FSUE of the     Department of Presidential Affairs of the RF.
Attracting of investment to the projects in the energy sector, including the programmes of “Gazprom” RJSC, “EES” RJSC and     several oil companies.
Development and implementation of large programmes in the production sphere, including the sphere of aircraft engineering,     agrobusiness, wine industry, fish processing industry and others.
Extension of cooperation in the sphere of attracting investment with countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America .
Work with the Administration Departments of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and creation of a database of data     concerning investment projects.
Construction-investment activity.
Industrial-commercial activity.

FIA pays special attention to attracting foreign Investment for development and implementation of new technologies, including spheres of information technology and telecommunication, construction, gas and oil producing complexes, metallurgical industry and venture technologies.

In 2006 FIA together with the largest construction holding of the north-western region of the Russian Federation “Etalon-enSpetsSMU” ( St Petersburg ) founded an investment-development company “Etalon-Invest” OJSC in Moscow . The Agency is a co-founder of “Euro-Development Group” Company ( Belgrade , Serbia ) in realisation of foreign investment-construction projects.

FIA initiated creation of “Olymp” multi-industry consortium, the object of which is attracting investment, construction and integrated support with all equipment for projects under construction for the Winter Olympic Games - 2014, in Sochi .

FIA is one of the founders of the “International Business Linkage Forum”. The objective of this Forum creation is implementation of large investment projects by joint efforts of the participant countries.